Apollo Reload

These are not real photos – these are extracted frames from 720p quality video files I took at Apollo Reload party. Whole party was bit strange with tech problems, good music and unexpectedly small amount of photos. Organizer then decided to pull frames out of video and make them look like photos taken on film – so I simulated various film look with LR and here is the result.

Apollo Reload 01Apollo Reload 02Apollo Reload 03Apollo Reload 04Apollo Reload 05Apollo Reload 06Apollo Reload 07Apollo Reload 08Apollo Reload 09Apollo Reload 10Apollo Reload 11Apollo Reload 12Apollo Reload 13Apollo Reload 14Apollo Reload 15Apollo Reload 16Apollo Reload 17Apollo Reload 18Apollo Reload 19Apollo Reload 20Apollo Reload 21Apollo Reload 22Apollo Reload 23Apollo Reload 24Apollo Reload 25Apollo Reload 26Apollo Reload 27