The same day I got iPhone 5s I started using VSCO Cam app. I’m obsessed with film photography and film simulation in digital photography and after a few shots VSCO Cam became my number 1 photography app – it’s all about film post-processing simulation. Camera allows You to choose focus and exposure on different spots, then You get some tools and filters for free or You can buy other filters. There are also some filters made in cooperation with other brands (Levis, Hypebeast etc.).
VSCO Grid is free minimalist publishing platform for showcasing the best in mobile photography. It is not Instagram clone. In fact there is only one so called social function in VSCO Grid – You can follow a person and see his photos. That’s all. VSCO Grid is focused on content, and less on followers and likes. There is also curated VSCO Grid Feed where curators selects best photos and publish them on the feed daily. That why I was so happy to receive letter from VSCO and it really inspires me to put more quality content on VSCO Grid: